15 Colossal Benefits Of Islamic Cupping Therapy

Islamic cupping therapy or Hijama is a natural, holistic, healing therapy or practice, preferably used for pain relief and curing other diseases.


Due to advancement in modern medicine and surgery, it got erased from our valuable history. But, health professionals and therapists have revived this age old practice owing to its remarkable health benefits as such.


How it’s done?


Hijama or cupping therapy is performed by applying cups to the parts of the skin where the pain prevails. These cups apparently stick to the skin for about few minutes. These cups like structure create a robust seal on the body and pull out accumulated blood which got stagnant.
Essentially, the mouths of the cups are made of plastic. Hijama holds a special place in Islam with many benefits such as

1. Helping to improve oxygen supply
2. Enhancing tissue perfusion and cellular metabolism,
3. Preserving underlying tissue structure
4. Modulating angiogenesis
5. Relieving muscle spasm
6. Restoring balance of the neuroendocrine system
7. Improving neurotransmission
8. Exerting pharmacological potentiation
9. Restoring physiological homeostasis
10. Treats Rheumatic diseases
11. Eliminate weakness from the body
12. Immensely useful in curing fever of all kinds.
13. Extremely Effective against Gastrointestinal diseases
14. Fights Dermatological diseases
15. Empowers the Lymphatic system & Improves the Nervous system


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