Hijama Cupping Therapy – How Does It Impact Your Body?

Hijama cupping therapy is an alternative medicine therapy that has been around for thousand of years. In this therapy, cups made of bamboo, glass, or earthenware are placed on different parts of the skin for creating suction, which improves blood circulation. This helps in healing a number of medical conditions. And it is for this reason Hijama cupping therapy is also considered a form of holistic health treatment.


There are two types of cupping used that are slightly differently in different parts of the world, namely dry cupping and wet cupping. And they both have different benefits too. Wet cupping in intended more towards providing a curative treatment approach while dry cupping delivers relaxation and healing of the highest order. However, both these techniques of Hijama cupping are common when it comes to following the meridian. The cups that we mentioned earlier in the piece are mostly placed on the meridian points on the back. And there is reason why this is done. Targeting of these points is an intentional approach to open the channels present inside the body through which all the energy flows. The objective is to create a smoother passage for the flow of the energy of life for a wholesome healing approach.Hijama cupping therapy

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