Spiritual Healing(Ruqya)
Ruqya is the healing and relief of people who suffer and are stuck for years. Secondly it is a protection for Muslims against shirk and strengthening their faith. Thirdly it is a door Dawa to non-Muslims. Fourth, it is a fight against witches, satanists, witch doctors, seers, and their associates and all forms of shirk until it disappears completely.


Wet Cupping and Massage(Hijama)
The Curactive modality Is the practice of using cups, which can be of different materials, to create suction at the skin level in order to draw blood to the surface which may then be removed by incisions to the body, helping to improve oxygen supply, enhancing tissue perfusion and cellular metabolism, preserving underlying tissue structure, modulating angiogenesis, relieving muscle spasm, restoring balance of the neuroendocrine system, improving neurotransmission, exerting pharmacological potentiation, restoring physiological homeostasis. 

Dry Cupping Massage
The Relaxation Therapy used to invigorate blood flow and divert toxins and harmful impurities from the vital organs, removes excess heat from the blood and surface of the body, draws inflammation away from the deeper organs assisting in bodys own healing abilities.

Therapeutic Massage
Massage helps relieve stress by easing muscular tension,encourages relaxation also reinforces correct posture and healthy movement. improves blood circulation and flow can help reduce diastolic and systolic blood pressure as well as lowers urinary and salivary cortisol levels besides alleviating anxiety and stress levels, helps improves range of motion and flexibility, can help keep stave off sports injuries as your flexibility levels improve. deeper, complete and relaxed breathing. ease headaches.facilitates post-operative rehabilitation. boosts the immune system.