Saj Rashid – 5 star
25 July 2015
As someone who was, let’s say a tad dubious with regards to holistic medicinal approaches, I have been completely won over.
I had tried different methods in order to cure and treat my symptoms. None had been completely successful and I was at a loss in explaining it – as were various medical professionals.
I cannot recommend it highly enough and I would urge anyone with any doubts to at least give them a call.
Thoroughly professional, caring and approachable staff, that talk you through the process and are more than happy to answer your questions.
After a long time I am now pain free.
I would recommend anyone to book an appointment.
Many thanks to all.


Aaron Peart – 5 star
26 September 2015
I suffer from chronic back pain. But after a Hijama session I am always pain free
Pro Awad – 5 star
26 December 2015
Had the hijamah and healing massage done and alhamdulilah felt a lot better, lighter and relaxed. Don’t get put off the pain from the massage as the end result is phenomenal. Will be visiting again In Shā Allāh
Shak Zahid – 5 star
6 March 2016
After suffering from knee and joint pains for several years I booked my husband to have hijama done and I must say he feels like a new person thanku mahmood.
Arfan Ramzan – 5 star
27 April 2016
Alhamdulillah, their services are excellent,really friendly and personal. it was a good experience. Will come back soon
in sha allah.
Raja Waqar – 5 star
25 August 2016
I have suffered from knee injury and bad pain so I had Hijamma from Hijamma clinic and
Allahamdulilah got relief from pain.
JzakAllah brother zahid.
Tariq Malik – 5 star
2 May 2016
Hijama with horns was a first experience and I’d recommend it. Very friendly brother mashallah.